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Back in 2012, a young man by the name of Jérémie Lecours got himself into a long project. One hell of a build. Little did he know his work was soon going to be one of the most admired on the local car community. The 17 year old lad already was an automobile enthusiast but […]

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Elegance redefined. The Video.

Awesome looking BMW e46, awesome owner, awesome video, awesome feature. Elegance redefined. (Click on the video to play)

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SEMA 2013

Sema is the one show that I think is known around the world to every type of automotive enthusiast. Not just because of its size and quality, but because it appeals and showcases not just a single genre of cars. SEMA has everything from Hot Rods, Imports, drag cars, to the newest trend. Vendors prep […]

H2o international 2013

  If you don’t already know what H2oi is, you might be new to this “internet” thing. So here is a quick explanation. H2o international is the definition of car scene chaos. Let’s make it even simpler. Take all of the cool cars on the North American scene, and take all of the cool car […]

Wekfest East 2013

Mike Burns did an awesome job shooting pictures at Wekfest East for Whips & Chocolate. I guess you already stopped reading by now… All right, here are the pictures! Enjoy!    

Played Out 2013 car show in pictures

Played Out 2013 was an awesome show. Some of the best cars on the scene were part of it, like our friend Mike Burroughs’ Bmw-powered 1928 Ford Model A. A lot of crazy cars attended the show.  Whips & Chocolate’s Photographer Todd Williams was there to take some pretty pictures. Here they are. Enjoy!

Eurokracy 2013

Every year, Eurokracy gets bigger and bigger. If you missed the 2013 edition of Canada’s finest car show, you missed an amazing day. But we were there to take pictures for you. Enjoy.