From A to Z.


Back in 2012, a young man by the name of Jérémie Lecours got himself into a long project. One hell of a build.

Little did he know his work was soon going to be one of the most admired on the local car community.


The 17 year old lad already was an automobile enthusiast but didn’t know a lot about vintage Japanese cars. What a good reason to build a project on.

Their design, their history and the growing hype for these cars got Jérémie to buy his own 1977 Datsun 280Z. We don’t get to witness such projects from young people’s hands often these days!


Knowing how light these cars were, Jérémie felt this was the right choice for a fun car to drive at the end. The pretty Japanese body lines were a plus since he also intended to turn heads with the final deal.

Being in the bodywork business, Jérémie saw here an opportunity to revive an automobile that was mistreated by a couple of previous owners. Rust, bad repairs, original engine with a blown turbo… He had a lot of work on his hands to resurrect the Datsun.


With such a build, we would expect, as a restoration, to see the original heart of the beast brought back to life but the owner decided to go the hard way. “Let’s see a modern engine in there” said Jérémie.


He went all in swapping the old straight-six “L” engine for a more recent RB26. It went in but not without a fight. Work such as a customizing a Z31 oil pan was a necessity.


With a lot of time, love, bodywork, machining, assembling, disassembling, reassembling, Jérémie finally brought the Z to broad day light, firing all 6 cylinders and enjoying the results of three years of labor.


Of course, once the car was out, there were issues. Not with the car but with the law. Getting a registration for the car meant going through inspections, evaluations, and when this was done, police couldn’t help but notice some parts that weren’t very street legal…


But in the end, Mr. Lecours got to drive his car from Canada to Ocean City, MD’s famous H2Oi event.

“It was a blast. The car rode amazingly. I had a lot of fun driving it for 12 hours back and forth to H2Oi. I really got to enjoy the car at that moment. I was lovestruck.” said Jérémie.


There is no way a young man building such a car won’t acquire respect from the automotive community. What a way to show your bodywork talents to the world!


And there’s more on the way according to Mr. Lecours.  Modifications to the drivetrain, to the structure as well and GT2860R/7 N1 turbos are planned. We are looking forward to the next reveal!


“I would like to thank my father for all the time he invested in this build helping me out machining custom suspension parts with me. I am very thankful for what I have. Being able to work on such a project with a machine shop owner in my family comes in very handy. Also, big thanks to my friend Francis Marion for for all his generous time at several stages of the project.”

Mods :

Under The Hood

-Rb26 swapped
-CP pistons

-Manley connecting rods
-Extended crankshaft
-N1 oil pump
-RB25 transmission
-Z31 modified oil pan
-ID1000 injectors
-Oversized fuel rail
-Apexi Power FC
-Almasi boost controler
-Fuel cell


-Custom aluminum machined rear control arm
-Custom mustache bar
-Megan Racing coilovers with adjustable top plates
-Full polyurethane bushing kit

-Porsche rear axle conversion (next season)


Msa front air dam
Shaved rear bumper
Front 240Z bumper
Wide carbon fiber flares
6 coat of Axalta clearcoat
Jdm style Fender mirror

Restored dashboard

Converted LED cluster
Bride Lowmax seats
Custom made trim with real brown leather
Doubledin touch radio in glove box

Wheels & Tires

Watanabe RS8 16″

Yokohama S-Drive