Quality Standards: Kyle Trineer’s Acura TL Type-S

There has been a lot of changes on the automotive scene in the past year.


A lot of people just realized they were hardcore stance scene fans, some, in the meanwhile, felt like they needed some different challenges and needed to develop their automotive résumé.


Whips & Chocolate was created in the purpose of sharing genuine automotive material and some instantly felt associated with the mentality behind it all. As far as we can remember, Kyle Trineer, a young man we got to know with the nickname “slammed”, was a hardcore representative and fan of W&C’s presentations and work.


Meeting up at events, talking on the phone for hours, I personally always loved Kyle’s personality and been wanting him to buy a proper set of wheels for his beloved ride so it could stand by W&C’s motto.  We’ve been waiting for a while now to finally share Kyle’s pride, passion and work of art. Here it is. Our friend Kyle Trineer’s Acura TL Type-S affectionately called “Chanel”.


On April 29th 2011, Kyle bought a car that would make him almost every car guy’s friend on the local car scene. The car itself did not make him everyone’s friend, but the “guy with the slammed Acura TL-S” was easy to recognize between social medias and car events.


As Kyle was already working on a project car for three years, an EG6, he felt like he needed a nice and clean daily driver. His choice narrowed down to a white TL Type-S and decided it would be a good candidate.


Even if he chose the car for the way it drove, felt and for its luxury yet sporty look, Kyle managed to pull the trigger on a major make over.


After only a single month, the sporty engineering took a solid hit for something closer to a hot rod than to a luxury sports car. Ridiculously dropped coilovers and exhaust work were the first mods. Followed closely by large spacers for an OEM+ style setup. One of the best OEM+ styled cars I have seen in a while. At this point, the EG6 project was parted out. Kyle was now concentrating on the Acura.


The challenge to go as wide and as low as possible while still being able to drive the car properly and give it good looks was the element that pushed Mr.Trineer towards the fitment scene. And he played it well, waiting patiently for the proper set of wheels to fulfill the design he had in mind.


Being a fan of the big body VIP scene in Japan, he managed to pull a nice VIP inspired interior. This car really looked like a presidential car from the inside. From the VIP curtains to the Junction Produce leather pillows, every single aspect of a VIP inspired vehicle was respected on Kyle’s TL-S.


So once again, take a close look at those pictures. You won’t see anything too flashy. But you’ll find quality details everywhere. I am pretty sure Kyle will be proud to read those words. Because he insisted to build the car slowly, keeping the genuine word on his mind.


“Build it, enjoy it, take pride in it. My cars have always been an extension of me, of my personality and a way to show people who I am, to meet likeminded people. I’m a gear head. Wrenching is my hobby, passion and a great source of motivation. Something my father got me into when I was young and something I will take to the grave.” Claims Kyle.


Many shops were part of this build or were key to the amazing turnout. Shops such as Nextmod, APS Performance, VD Autoshop, Overdosed Performance, Vip’d Out, Extreme Autocare and Laminar all helped with parts, welding or tuning.


“Enormous thanks go to my family, friends and especially my girlfriend for putting up with my continual blabber, time spent in the garage and empty pockets for more car parts !! Special thanks also goes to the LowLevel car club and the members that have treated me like family and helped me build / enjoy the car to its fullest. Also, thanks to Cimon Brouillette for the pretty insane pictures for this feature!”


Oh yeah, by the way, when Kyle wasn’t attending meets and events, he lent his precious car to his girlfriend, Amelie, just… because she is also part of the automobile community and wanted to go to automotive meets. Isn’t this cool or what?


As first mentioned, there has been a lot of changes during the past automotive season. Kyle says the TL-S sure was a blast but not driving her much due to working out of town and putting her away all winter made him sell it and buy a fun all around new toy. A fully loaded 2014 Rubicon that has already got through many drastic mods…in true Kyle Trineer style.


Mods list:


A-spec skirt kit

Oem window visor

50% “Mercedes blue” titanium tints all around + windshield

Mdx rear caliper cover

Atlp V1 roof spoiler

Constant Yellow drl

Door Key hole delete

Black chrome front+rear Acura emblems



AEM cold air intake

P2r throtle spacer + 2x thermal gasket +p2r im thermal

Ur undersized crank pulley

RV6 Pre-cat delete

RV6 v3 J-pipe, flex delete /plated

Custom dual cat back /plated +stock tips on angle

Spherical shifter bushing

Innovative engine mounts

Nrg engine damper

Hondata flashpro dyno tuned on 94octane to 307whp 277wtq



K-sport Kontrol pro coilovers

Custom Skunk 2 front camber kit

Ingals rear camber/toe kit

Progress 26mm rear sway bar / spherical end links


Wheels / Tires:

Leon Hardiritt Orden 18×10.5 all around 3″front lip 3.5″rear lip

Hankook ventus v12 225/40/18 all around

Project kicks titanium lug nuts



Arc titanium shift knob

Vip D’Out couture line front tray

Vip D’Out rear tray

Junction Produce headrest

Junction Produce pillows

Junction Produce curtains

Junction Produce tissue box

Junction Produce kintuna

Junction Produce rear crest

Luxury abstract leather /gold stitched liscence plate frame

Mugen liscence plate bolts

Honda optional trash box

Kicker comp vr 10″ sub

Alpine type v 500rms amp