Modern Classic: Olivier Nadeau’s Acura 1.6EL

We’ve been talking a lot about Low Level lately. There is a simple reason for all those features. This car crew pulled out a couple a good cards in the automotive game this past year.


Olivier’s Nadeau’s Acura 1.6EL is one of the nice tricks the Low Level crew are able to pull out.


Starting off his love of modded Acuras with a track modified Integra Type R, Olivier eyeballed the stance scene and had a pretty solid idea on his mind. He wanted a new project and wanted it to be a “stance” project.


Not exaggerated, sober colors and a tastefully played mix of Japanese and German automotive lifestyles are the characteristics Olivier chose for his project. Needless to say we love the way he accomplished it.


The young French Canadian first fell in love with the car as he felt it could be an awesome project. Something we’ve already seen but not on the local scene. Especially not with such characteristics. He was intrigued to see what was in his mind, his own ideas as a fully realized project.


His ideas and dedication to the automotive world got him to meet some pretty nice people sharing the same passion for nicely modded automobiles from what he told us. This is exactly how he met the LowLevel guys and got in the car club.


‘’ I really love the automotive meetings up in Quebec, but what I enjoy most of all, are the road trips to international meetings and shows such as H2Oi, First Class Fitment and Fitted.  I sure hope to attend more shows and meetings this coming show season because of the great variety of automobiles on site. It also allows me to meet some people that I follow on various social medias. They gave me a hand on the inspiration side.’’


‘’It is amazing how a bland car can become so unique simply by adding a proper set of wheels and accessories such as a suspension kit. I own more than three sets of wheels because wheels are like shoes and they make the whole look of the car so having multiple sets at home helps diversity-wise’’ claims Olivier.


Olivier also admitted that he mostly enjoyed turning heads and “breaking necks” with his setup, although his color and parts choices are really classic and non-flashy.


Near future plans might change a bit the theme of the car, as parts like a rear diffuser and OZ wheels will probably be installed.


“I would like to thank my girlfriend Lyvia Brousseau who has always been there to help out breaking down my wheels and building them back up, for helping washing the car and accompanying me to automotive events since we share the same passion. I would also like to thank  Cimon Brouillette for the amazing pictures and his great advice and I would like to thank  Jonathan Joly Martel who is a great friend of mine who takes incredible pictures of my car whenever he gets the occasion. Finally, thanks to Sam & Guillaume, the guys behind Whips & Chocolate to give me a chance to share my little story!”


Mods list.





New paint job & custom wide fenders

Black roof paint

Wire tucked, purple engine bay

Domani Headlights

Type r front lip

Domani Grille



Junction produce Broadway

Nardi classic wood steering wheel

Roll cage

Confiti Recaro seat

Ctr cluster

Password Jdm gas cover



Blackworks Subframe & lca

Speed Motoring Rear visor

Window visor

K9 Side markers

Dev Motorsport Front and side diffuser




Top fuel zero 1000 power chamber

Dc2 Type R Exhaust

Avid Urethane Engine mounts

Mishimoto Aluminum radiator

Password Jdm Battery Bracket

Carbon spark plug cover

Carbon fuse box cover

Password Jdm clutch & brake cover



D2 racing Coilovers

Buddy club Balljoint

Pro race Toe kit

Drop forks



BBS RS Rear :  15×10 + 3/ Front : 15x 9.5 + 3  All chromed

Other sets:

OZ Turbo 15x 9.5 square

CCW LM5 15×9 -9 square