Wicked Two-Seater. Sam Brouillard’s Miata

Not so long ago, when I was a teenager, Mazda Miatas were not “cool” cars. At least that’s what we thought as little macho men. Little did we know these “girly cars” were going to be one of our favourite budget track cars as young adults. Sam Brouillard is one of those guys who aren’t scared of showing up to a car meeting in a stupidly useless, yet awesome “hairdresser’s” two-seater.


His story with the Miata all started on November 1st 2012. Back then, Miatas were still not very popular on the local scene. Sam’s purpose with that car was to stand off from other cars.


Where I live, as well as almost everywhere, Miata owners are older people. Most of them look like they are retired. So I thought I had found the perfect car to go on a different path.” With all the prejudices against a young fellow who wants to buy this type of car, Sam felt he could handle the controversy, make fun out of it and show what he is capable of.


I now know for a fact that those who always judged this car negatively only for its looks, obviously never have driven one!” What Sam likes the most about this whip is its handling. Being on a wheelbase this short and this low makes it very agile. He also loves the look of the first-generation Miata with its pop-up headlights.


What he loves most about the local car scene is the variety of cars. Even with such differences, Sam simply loves the family feeling around car events. People who come by to say hi and give thumbs up about his work makes him feel terribly good. He is also one of the gentlemen who think the car scene isn’t about winning trophies. It is about spending time with crazy automobile enthusiasts. Not only people you know, but people who automatically become friends only by sharing the same passion.


When Samuel and Guillaume started Whips & Chocolate back in 2011, I remember being one of the first to hit « like » on their page and follow their work. I always supported them because they accomplished something big, quickly. I remember when they gave birth to their website. There was a feature about a blue Subaru and from that moment, I told myself I would get my own feature someday on this site.” Claims Sam. Well buddy, here it is. You have built one nice slammed roadster and your choices and execution got your car on our website. Even if it’s mostly about looks, it is still nicely done. This is what Whips & Chocolate is about.


Sam’s words are true. Sometimes, at unusual moments, in this case at a car meeting, you get to meet some awesome people. Mr.Brouillard is one of them. It is a pleasure for us to meet him and his friends at every car meet we attend.


During the two-year transformation of the Mazda, Sam was given a good hand by his friend and wishes to thank the following : Guillaume Dilhuydy, Philippe Briand, Alexis Boisvert and Kevin Chapdelaine.

Modifications :

BBS RS 068 15×9 et 0 Front

BBS RS 068 15×9,5 et -6 Rear

Toyo tire T1r

Project G side skirt

East coast miata vintage mirrors

Raceland coilovers

Oem R package front and rear lip.


Leather  Nardi with red stiches

NRG steering hub adapter

NRG quick release

Special edition leather seats with speaker in the headrest

Carbon Miata ducktail

Customize Magnaflow exhaust

Full Emerald green wrap by Custom Graphique