H2o international 2013



If you don’t already know what H2oi is, you might be new to this “internet” thing. So here is a quick explanation. H2o international is the definition of car scene chaos. Let’s make it even simpler. Take all of the cool cars on the North American scene, and take all of the cool car people. Then, take them all in Ocean City, MD. The result is H2oi.

A couple of years ago, the H2o international event was all about Volkswagens. Things have slightly changed over the years, as you will see on the following pictures.

Presenting, H2o international 2013, by our photographers Tucker Scharf and C.M. D’Angelo.


911850_635151953174540_1644631532_n 1388626_635154023174333_339183230_n 1387929_635153563174379_688405742_n 1384720_635151873174548_1352062015_n 1379018_635152376507831_1843564343_n 1374706_635152039841198_1649939256_n 1374567_635153703174365_1811748227_n 1373784_635153799841022_600922953_n 1373002_635153679841034_1311040445_n 1372953_635154269840975_1224234415_n 1372916_635152639841138_513119291_n 1371708_635154166507652_410658836_n 1371691_635153226507746_1448819655_n 1370349_635153443174391_451930919_n 1370210_635152743174461_1404663523_n 1369121_635152276507841_453789688_n 1368659_635152173174518_1329117954_n 1292003_635152889841113_332868314_n 1291900_635153376507731_43809795_n 992434_635153029841099_1489145667_n

IMG_0770 IMG_0916 IMG_0911 IMG_0906 IMG_0903 IMG_0902 IMG_0898 IMG_0828 IMG_0796

IMG_0919 IMG_0988 IMG_0959 IMG_0929 IMG_0927 IMG_0926