Chocolate Evo


You may have seen some kind of hype towards the brown color recently. A lot of cars get this color as a paint job but not every car suits it very well. One of the best looking brown cars we’ve seen this far is Mickey Orlando’s Mitsubishi Evolution.


Mickey had an accident in 2010 and totalled his old whip. Exactly one week later, he was getting his hands on one pretty cool car, the Evo.


He chose this car because ever since he saw the Evo VIII when they first came into the states, he wanted one of them. He somehow first got intrigued by the giant wing on the back. He had never really seen anything like it and loved it.


It became his type of dream car you not only wish you’d have but also know you can own someday. He had models of it and always chose this car in video games. He became obsessed enough by this car to look through magazines and only buy the ones with an Evo feature in it.


He then entered the stance game. He discovered a world of cool and fun people, having a passion for low and fitted cars.


He just loved everything about it. He sure knows there is some kind of competition but he thinks it is a healthy competition where everyone pushes everyone to be more creative and original.


Now comes the crazy part… the question we were more than curious about the answer… Why did he bag an Evo? Yes, this beautiful brown ride is rolling on air suspension. Mickey was expecting this question.


“Ahh yes, this question. I get a lot of heat for choosing the route I did with bagging an Evo. I wanted to really dive into the fitment scene. I still had hopes of taking it to a track at some point though. Air bags don’t suck as much as people think. A lot of race teams are using air set ups. The adjustable pressure is great for a quick tuning. I went with an air over coil set up so I have both the handling and the fitment.”


Mickey loves everything about the car. If you ever built a project car, you know that at some point you hate the car. Well there were a couple stages in his build where he hated it so bad he didn’t even want to look at it, claims Mickey.


Organizing his things up helped him go ahead with his plans and got the Whip painted Chocolate brown. (You see what I did there!) This gave the owner a shock. He is definitely in love with his Evo now and simply gets obsessed with the details like the rare Do-Luck trunk and the Varis front bumper.


His favourite part though is the interior. From stock, through 3 sets of Brides, completely gutted at one point, to what it is now, he went through different styles before getting to his beloved tan and brown leather combo interior.


As for the future, Mickey hasn’t a lot of plans left.  Cleaning up the engine bay then finally enjoy the car.

“I need to start worrying about my future outside of cars. But my dad and I might start a build together with an older car (C10GT-R possibly). I would love to build an older car with my dad, it’s a classic story.”  And the author wishes him luck with that last “classic” story he also would love to live eventually.



Mickey had these words to say:

“I want to first thank my girlfriend Sarah Elizabeth for being there every step of the way. Though it was tough seeing how much money and time was being put into the Evo, she stuck with me. I can’t thank her enough for everything she has had to put up with. I want to thank everyone at R/T Tuning in Lansdale, PA. They have been amazing and are always there when I need them. They have stayed way past their hours to help me out and get me to where the Evo is now. I also want to thank Chris G. at the former Good Vibrations shop. He was there for me in the beginning and helped so much to get me started and put the first bagged Evo IX on the road. I last want to thank my dad for putting up with me. He may not understand exactly why I do what I do, but he helps out right away when I need it. I want to shout out to StunnrStatus for taking me in this show season. Anybody I missed out, I thank you too.”



Here are the modifications to the Evo:


Varis Version 2 Front Bumper

Do Luck Duckbill Trunk #32

OEM Style +30mm Front Fenders

JDM Evo IX Rear Bumper

JDM Evo 9 MR Headlights

JDM Evo 7 Taillights

MR Vortex Generator



Custom Saddle & Brown Stätus Racing Seats w/ Matching Rear

Nardi Wood Steering Wheel w/ NRG Quick Realease

Orbital Double Din Kit

Custom E-Level Control Pod from Dorbritz Designs



Tomei Downpipe

Tomei Exhaust Manifold

Tomei Test Pipe

Tomei Expreme Exhaust

GSC S1 272 Cams

ARP Headstuds

JMF Overflow Catch Can

Perrin FMIC

Deutschworks 1000cc Injectors

FP Black Turbo

Nisei LICP




Firestone Air Bags over Stance LX+ Coilovers

Accuair E-Level Air Management System

Accuair Air Tank w/ Dual Viair Compressors on Exo Mount